National Cartographic Center 27 Dec 2021 - 13:21 -------------------------------------------------- Hydrography and Tidal Affairs Department announces: Title : Country Southern Coasts Tidal Forecast Through Sea Level Monitoring Website in 2022 -------------------------------------------------- Tidal forecasts for 53 country’s southern coast stations in 2022 were made available to researchers and marine activists at the sea level monitoring website. Text : According to the NCC news, Dr. Rahi Foroughi, head of the tidal affairs and flowmetery department, announced: the sea level monitoring website has been updated with a new design and an increase in online stations, and on the verge of New Year, tidal forecasts for 53 tidal beach stations were uploaded on this site for the interested users. Foroughi added: "The Instantaneous water level and tides with a wide range of uses is of special importance for maritime safety, beaches and ports development, marine industries, diving, fishing, environmental studies, offshore industries, oceanography, engineering and coastal protection and construction. So, every year, in addition to collecting and publishing instantaneous sea level data in the main ports of the country, the Hydrography and Tidal Affairs Department of NCC provides users with tidal forecasts of the country s ports and coasts. Data in the form of tables of maximum and minimum daily values for one year or in the form of daily charts, as well as tables of half-hour forecast values for ports, are available at the following address.