National Cartographic Center 18 Nov 2020 - 18:39 -------------------------------------------------- Dr. Jafarzadeh Imanabadi: Congratulations on the Occasion and Commemoration of 18 November, the GIS Day Title : Let's Protect the World with GIS -------------------------------------------------- Congratulatory message of the director general of National Cartographic Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran on 18 November, the GIS Day Text : Nowadays, human communities around the world are facing numerous issues and challenges. Lots of risks, such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, drift and subsidence seriously threats human lives. Death tolls caused by pandemics, especially Covid 19, have become a major problem for the world. Pollution of water resources, soil and air and global warming and other drastic environmental changes have led to the extinction of plant and animal species. In such circumstances, spatial organization of human habitation and activities, sustainable use of resources, balanced urban and regional development, risk assessment and management of natural crises, solving the problems of urban communities including air pollution and traffic nodes, promoting personal and social health, especially in the fields of monitoring and screening, and taking other necessary measures to improve the quality of life and sustainability of life on our planet, more than anything else, requires planning and decision-making based on spatial science and technology. Over the years, Geopatial Information Systems (GIS) have become more than just a traditional spatial system. This evolution is the result of pervasive positioning, connection to online and instantaneous data streams, and the emergence of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).   Transfer of computer operating systems from workstations to PCs and then to online cloud spaces has increased capabilities and also flexibility in solving the above mentioned issues and problems and moving to open source data and software has also facilitated and expanded access of communities to spatial information.   It can now be clearly said that spatial thinking is not limited to the field of surveying and mapping, but is absolutely necessary and vital in all areas and disciplines. With this in mind, turning large volumes and rapid flow of spatial data into useful knowledge to support decision-making and planning in all areas, will be an inevitable necessity.   Accordingly, National Cartographic Center of Iran (NCC) based on its inherent obligations and missions, while creating and developing a National Spatial Database, prepares basic information layers for major decisions and policies of the country and in order to collaborate and create synergy with other sectors, it shares its spatial data and services through a single spatial data infrastructure window.   Hereby, and on the occasion of the GIS Day, I would like to congratulate you this day and wish a safer and more advanced world for all of us by using GIS science and technology