Publish dateSaturday 30 October 2021 - 14:26
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With the progress made in launching the vessels of the National Cartographic Center of IRAN, Hydrography and tidal affairs department announces:

New Season in IRAN Coastal Hydrographic Activities

Translator: fatemeh Emadian mehr
By increasing the power of NCC’s navy, coastal Hydrography is on the path of further growth. To this end, the operation of preparing and launching the organization's vessels under the supervision of the Hydrography and Tidal Affairs Department is currently underway.
New Season in IRAN Coastal Hydrographic Activities

According to the NCC's news, Engineer Peyman Zareian, the head of the Hydrography and Surveying office of the coastal areas, announced :" After starting the repair process and launching the Abnegar vessel 2 by Izoiko shipbuilding company, the Abnegar vessel1 immediately entered this process and is being repaired and launched by the Arvandan shipbuilding company."

"With the commencement of operation and repairing Abnegar vessels1 and 2, the department will be able to carry out more hydrographic projects in the national arena while regaining its power," he said.

 Due to the importance of preparation and utilization with the desired quality and acceleration, these steps will be monitored by the hydrography and coastal surveying department of the NCC in this field periodically.

"The preparation and operation of the NCC's vessels under the supervision of the Hydrography and Tidal affairs Department is currently under renovation, and with its completion, coastal hydrographic activities will be carried out more rapidly in the near future."

At the end he added: "Hydrography and Tidal Affairs Department has been responsible for hydrography and monitoring country's surrounding waters since the early 1980s, and several marine charts have been produced and offered to internal and international users."
Editor : Hamed Moradian
Translator : Fatemeh Emadian Mehr